Natural variation and the greenhouse effect on air

The evidence clearly shows the global mean temperature at the Earth’s surface is hotter by 1.1 degrees Celsius (1.9 degrees Fahrenheit) than it was during the dawn of the Industrial Age in the mid-1700s. Remember: Mean means average and during that 270 or so-year span, there have been temperature variations (up and down). Overall, however, … Read more

Is an at-the-source or in-the-air emissions-control program better?

People all across the world are dying prematurely from air pollution’s harsh and devastating effects. The lives of an estimated 7 million people are claimed annually – nearly the entire population of New York City. The good news in this regard is that this deficit situation can be erased. If effort, energy and time are … Read more

Pioneering rocket launch points way toward more rapid intraplanetary travel, reduced air burden

July 11, 2021 begins a new era in space flight as the United Kingdom’s Sir Richard Branson via an exciting and revolutionary rocketing system, rode into sub-orbital space, that’d be 65 miles up. The entire flight lasted all of an hour and the elevation reached was high enough for the flight crew in question to … Read more

Teledistanced broadcast journalism: Coming through loud and clear and air-friendlily

In my previous post “Earth Day 2021: Transformations,” as the title suggests, the message is all about change. There is perhaps no one area where change is more apparent than in that of broadcast journalism. The change I’m referring to – broadcasting done digitally or cybernetically – grew out of a perceived or the real … Read more

By tamping C/CO2 emissions, what is it we hope to achieve?

It could otherwise be called the race to net-zero or net-negative airborne emissions of carbon/carbon dioxide (C/CO2), specifically the part or amount put there by us. The idea behind achieving baseline or below-baseline atmospheric C/CO2 that’s been anthropogenically introduced through fossil fuel-burning activities, experts are telling us, is to restore balance or equilibrium to the … Read more

A no-brainer: Interior air filtration

I see these advertisements for air fresheners. Never used one nor do I ever intend to. But, by their very being, it is suggestive that the air within interior spaces, particularly in automobiles and trucks, can get a bit stale and/or musty-smelling. Though relatively inexpensive, the question is: Do air fresheners go far enough, meaning, … Read more