High cost of ‘supersized’ SUV ownership could soar even more

Could it be those slick marketing campaigns with their targeted advertising that do the trick? Is it a one-upmanship sort of back and forth; you know, like a Smith’s versus Jones’s home-consumer-purchasing match just to see who can outdo whom that can be finger-pointed to? Could it be both? Why not?! But, whatever it is that drives some to pay a visit to the local car dealership or to enroll in a mobile car-buying platform that will deliver your new or new pre-owned vehicle right to your front door, for some, there is obviously something to be said about their owning the best-of-the-best or biggest-of-the-big in the supersized, super-powerful, super-spiffy- or sporty-looking SUV or truck class.

Now, if I’m to be completely forthcoming, I owned an SUV once. Difference, here though, is it was a standard-sized model. And, it hadn’t any of the bells and whistles that today’s versions come with. After 14 years, however, that chapter of my life was relegated to the history book annals. Maybe it’s just a phase that those who are either privileged or fortunate enough [to] go through, experience.

But, this I can say with certainty. Having one of these big-people possessions, not only do they cost an arm and a leg, their gas-mileage ratings aren’t all that impressive, the cost of insuring them can be through the roof, and unless you buy one meeting the definition of an EV or electric vehicle, it’s going to pollute. Not particularly favorable attributes or admirable if you’re trying to lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly or friendlier lifestyle. Moreover, some in the “cruiser-bruiser” class are not what you would call inside-to-outside-view efficient and, because of this limitation, such are maybe more prone to be involved in an accident. On the upside though, they can haul much, so I will give them that.

Now, for people wanting to buy one of these SUVs, you might do well to consider the possibility of their being a tax liability, and by that I mean, there appears to be an effort underway to have these vehicles taxed at a higher rate.

So, the other day I caught this headline that said something to the effect that supersized SUVs should have the crap taxed out of them. And, for reasons not too hard to imagine, like those laid out above.

With a heightened tax assessed on these gas-inhaling behemoths and the damage they can cause to road surfaces, the air and the planet, this just might not be an all that unrealistic a proposition. But, if they are going to be subject to higher taxation, that taxation should be applied as fair and just as could, should, would be warranted. That seems only right.

Higher taxes for extra big SUVs? That time could be coming.

Source: “Higher cost of ‘supersized’ SUV ownership could get even higher,” Sept. 12, 2023 The Daily Kos

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