Keyless car operation: Posing a carbon-monoxide-poisoning risk?

Among the more recent features related to automobiles is keyless operation. Such a feature is considered by many to be a convenience. But, with this convenience a problem has surfaced. At issue According to a May 13, 2018 New York Times article, since the year 2006, almost three dozen deaths have occurred as a result … Read more

Odds of reaching newest Valley air pollution standards even bleaker – 2

In this past Wednesday’s (May 16, 2018) “Odds of reaching new(est) pollution standards in California’s San Joaquin Valley rather bleak,” Air Quality Matters post, I spelled out the main problem with air pollution in the Valley. Truth be told, the outlook has gone from bad to worse and in relatively short order. In the May 16 … Read more

Odds of reaching new(est) pollution standards in California’s San Joaquin Valley rather bleak

Valley’s woes and worries Peering at a graph in the July 2016 Valley Air News publication, which has as a vertical plot “Tons per day” of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in California’s San Joaquin Valley, if I interpreted correctly what I see related to this, all mobile sources such as “Passenger Vehicles,” “Heavy Duty Trucks,” “Farm Equipment,” … Read more

Continued student exposure to diesel particulates troubling

No amount of particulates, whether coarse, fine or ultrafine, in air is safe to breathe. Particulates entering the lungs, depending on extent, can be life-threatening; regardless of concentration, these are health and life impacting if not health- and life-limiting. In understanding this, it is perplexing that school buses powered by diesel engines are still utilized … Read more

Polluted air: Impacting 9-in-10 people and claiming 7 million lives annually, reports WHO

The news is grim: Ninety percent of people globally breathe polluted air. Annually, 7 million people die early from air pollution’s effects. The news is anything but comforting. And, it is what the World Health Organization (WHO) has determined. “9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air, but more countries are taking action” is … Read more

Air Quality Awareness Week 2018: Choice matters

Ever think about things that impact our lives? And, why does this matter? Where I’m going with this is: decisions we make in life can also impact the environment. It is this that this thread, today’s thread, has to do with. Setting the tone is this idea of three specific areas of living and how … Read more

Growing pains: Dispersed or concentrated cities: Which is better?

There are cities big and small. And, then there is what’s referred to as “mega cities,” those with populations above 10 million. From earlier reporting it was related that in 2050, city populations the world over will house two-thirds of world population, up from 50 percent today. That’s a fairly sizable increase. So, the question … Read more