Climate change: What I’m watching, reading

In the lead-up to this year’s global climate summit, being held in Egypt from Nov. 6 to Nov. 18, formally known as the 27th Conference of the Parties (or COP 27), global warming and climate change have, in the world collective consciousness, become, over time, bigger and bigger deals, and it would appear based on … Read more

On doing ant, fly and odor patrol

This will sound cliche, but aromas, fragrances, odors, smells, stenches and what-not are a dime a dozen. Often, they just show up out of the blue, that is, when you least expect them to. The moment they hit your nose, such can, figuratively and literally speaking, throw you for a loop. I’m not exaggerating. It … Read more

Cars cleaning the air: An outlandish idea?

A while ago I reported on testing on school buses in the Los Angeles region a concept known as HECA or High-Efficiency Cabin Air filtration. Filtering units were placed inside designated L.A. region school bus interiors, done expressly for the purpose of determining device effectiveness as it has to do with its abilility to remove … Read more

Celebrating the big 1-0!

You’ve heard the expression “… is not an exact science.” The part with the “…” could be filled in with “earthquake prediction” or “weather forecasting,” to name two. Exact or not, science is an area of study or field of discipline that involves, requires, demands meticulous observation, focused intent and listening, critical thinking. And, you … Read more

Looking at 10K years of relative climate calm. So, what gives?!

Ask an in-the-know climatologist, meteorologist or scientist about Earth’s climate history, the time-period in question being between today and 10,000 years back, this followed by the section of world climate history covering the period between the latter and 110,000 years, the two then compared, well, the response you get may surprise you. The short answer: … Read more

Extreme Sept. heat tests grid, degrades air in San Joaquin Valley

For those who don’t know, California’s approximately 300-mile-long by roughly 80-mile-wide San Joaquin Valley has some of America’s worst air quality. For the past 20 years or so, such Valley cities as Bakersfield, Fresno, Hanford, Madera and Visalia, for example, have consistently ranked among those places in the United States with the highest amounts of … Read more