Changing with the times – transportation

My sense is that universal electric-motor-vehicle-operation acceptance by every driver driving American roadways, based on the present rate of EV adoption, will happen. It’s only a matter of time. What I am less confident of, on the other hand, are two things. First is regarding the technology type – battery- or fuel-cell- electrification and second … Read more

Up and away: Car travel’s next frontier?

Developers, engineers and entrepreneurs alike are fixing their sites on the skies as the next great space in which to operate cars. This, apparently, is being driven by a quest to improve the travel landscape with regard to safety, efficiency and appeal if not user- and eco-friendliness. We’re talking flying-car travel here. So, pertaining to … Read more

In an era of higher gas prices, should we rethink driving?

During this time when gas prices are through the roof – and perhaps the highest they’ve ever been in history – this could be the time to think not only about what but how much or how far Americans are driving. A driving rethink, call it. All of this brings to mind the California high-speed … Read more

Electric vs gas-powered lawn-mowing: On practicality, benefit and efficiency

It’s summertime again and, for many, that means grilling outdoors, vacation-venturing to places near and far, and, with lawns and gardens now waking from their colder-temperature-induced dormancies, respectively, associated lawn-and-garden-care chores. On that last note and here in America with the average price for gasoline nationwide now hitting $5 per gallon, with regard to maintaining … Read more

Suit filed against EPA over plans aimed at reducing smog in three key areas prove ineffective

(Below is a Jun. 7, 2022 press release from the Center for Biological Diversity). Environmental and public health groups filed a lawsuit today against the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to ensure that Los Angeles, Sacramento and New Hampshire have effective plans to reduce dangerous smog pollution. ”The EPA is simply not doing its job … Read more

More than meets the nose and eyes only: Air quality

Contrary to what you may think, the word “quality” when paired with the word “air” doesn’t always connote, or isn’t always connected necessarily with something good, something bad. Air quality can be in reference to matter-of-fact kind of stuff like temperature, humidity, density and characteristics or conditions such as fragrance, odor or smell. Call these … Read more

All in how we say it, one word, one term at a time

Today’s installment marks the 1,200th entry on the Air Quality Matters blog. To mark this accomplishment, where content and context is concerned, I thought I would change the mood just a bit. Sort of akin to swapping the on-stage props in a play with others. Really this is all about word/meaning, term/meaning match. Given that … Read more