Clean air for everyone – that is the ultimate “vision” here.

Years in the making …

Ten years is a long time. That is how long I have been chief contributor and editor of the Air Quality Matters blog. The function of this blog is: To inform folks on what matters as it has to do with air quality. Like the header declaration enunciates: Discourse for all interested in all things air-quality related.

Nearly 1,240 posted-entries later, the Air Quality Matters blog is still going strong thanks to the continued support of our valued and interested readers.

Underlying message

As long as pollution from combustion sources – no matter what those sources happen to be – continues to degrade air quality, there will always be a need for this and similarly-purposed Weblogs and Websites. All life deserves nothing less than to have clean and healthy air to breathe.

Primary role

My role as chief blog-site contributor involves really nothing more than my acting as liaison – an intermediary between what I read and research having anything and everything to do with air quality and relating that information to our Air Quality Matters readership.

Substantive content

That which is disseminated here can take one or more of three different forms: commentary, news reports and photographic/illustrative content.

Up to 90 percent of contributed material is my own, and that can include inserted, accompanying photographs; the remaining roughly 10 percent coming from a variety of sources, material consisting of press releases in addition to information that an array of entities have authorized and approved for republication on the Air Quality Matters blog-site.

Deserved due

As a dedicated, quality and sustained, air-quality-based information-dissemination platform, the Air Quality Matters blog on November 5, 2022 celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Holding on to hope

My hope is that what’s posted here is instrumental in helping to lead to marked improvement in the quality of the air we breathe and, by extension, to improved quality of life.

Thank you.

– Alan Kandel