Also being said re California’s emissions-reduction effort?

There is no doubt in my mind that times have changed. Life has emerged from the pandemic business as usual, I’m afraid. Okay, so where exactly am I going with this? To provide perspective, let’s look at just one piece of the entire worldwide greenhouse-gas-emissions-reduction picture, or dare I say, puzzle: California. On this very … Read more

Clean mobility community, school projects across California receive $33M from state air board

SACRAMENTO – The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently awarded $33 million in grants to support projects that increase access to zero-emissions transportation and diversify mobility options for schools and communities that service more than 20 low-income areas, including a new effort that empowers communities with resources to plan for future transportation projects. The programs, … Read more

Study shows bias in favor of preserving driving

The researchers from Swansea University and the University of the West of England commissioned an independent polling organisation to ask 2,157 people across the UK a series of questions. Randomly, each person got a set of questions that asked about driving cars or an identical set of questions with one or two words changed so … Read more

Across the nation, communities of color shouldering growing disease burden tied to air pollution

Despite progress toward cleaner air in the US, a new study suggests that communities of color across the nation are shouldering a growing burden of diseases linked to air pollution. A paper published today by researchers at the George Washington University suggests that racial and ethnic disparities in cases of pollutant-linked diseases like asthma increased … Read more

UMass Amherst Report: Immense job opportunities, workforce needs tied to federal infrastructure, climate, manufacturing investments

AMHERST, Mass. – A new report from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) examines labor supply, demand, and potential shortages from new U.S. clean energy, manufacturing, and infrastructure laws: the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and CHIPS and Science Act. The analysis was commissioned by the National Skills Coalition and … Read more

New report finds marked Canadian CO2 reductions possible by upping transit-ridership levels by 2X

Ottawa | Traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg People – A new report, titled “Putting Wheels on the Bus” from Environmental Defence and Équiterre, supported by modelling conducted by Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors and Leading Mobility finds that Canada can double public transit ridership by 2035 if federal and provincial governments step up … Read more

2023’s traffic-volume trends are in!

It was on Mar. 15, 2023 that I posted: “U.S. driving miles up. VMT still lag pre-pandemic totals: Report.” In that post, covered were things like comparing 2022’s to 2021’s aggregate driving totals, per-capita driving for the same two years, per-motorist driving totals as well as calculation of the amount of carbon dioxide released into … Read more

Environmental groups chalk up victory. Major So. Cal. polluters could face financial penalties

Los Angeles – In a major win for polluter accountability, a legal settlement announced today will require the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) to adopt a rule that could fine polluters for their emissions contributing to the region’s poor air quality. Plaintiffs estimate that a fee rule could result in SCAQMD collecting over … Read more

The 411 on dialog exchange and tackling climate change

Who doesn’t enjoy a healthy exchange?! Well, I had one of those just the other day. It was over several days, actually. The topics of the cordial-while-respectful sharing of ideas were advocacy and activism. I never thought there would be so much to talk about having to do with this particular conversation subject matter. You’d … Read more