New Mexico, industry request to dismiss oil pollution lawsuit, rejected by court

SANTA FE, NM— A district court today [Jun. 10, 2024] rejected requests from the state of New Mexico and fossil fuel industry to dismiss a landmark lawsuit against the New Mexico governor, legislature and state agencies for failing to uphold their constitutional duty to control oil and gas pollution. The case was brought by Indigenous, frontline, … Read more

In California, 1 out of 6 new buses, trucks and vans are non-polluting

SACRAMENTO — The sales of new zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty trucks in California in 2023 have doubled from the prior year, now representing 1 out of every 6 new vehicles sold for services that include last-mile delivery, freight transportation, and school buses, according to a report released by the state today [Jun. 6, 2024]. With 18,473 medium- and heavy-duty … Read more

SJValley air: Good or bad? Depends on who you ask

In its “State of the Air” 2024 report, the American Lung Association reported that 131 million Americans (39 percent) are exposed to harmful-to-health air pollution. At least four million of that total make California’s San Joaquin Valley their home. This demographic is exposed to, among other toxic pollutant emissions, carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen … Read more

If rate varies by how much vehicles pollute, then mileage fee supported by 51% of Americans, survey shows

May 20, 2024 — San José, CA The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) has released the results from its 15th annual survey in a series that explores public support for raising transportation revenue through higher federal gas taxes or a new mileage fee. A majority of respondents (51%) supported replacing the federal gas tax with a mileage fee … Read more

$12M awarded to UMass researchers to shrink society’s carbon footprint using AI, other computer science tools

AMHERST, Mass. — Artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and software—meet the next tool kit for creating our sustainable future. The University of Massachusetts Amherst has been awarded $12 million over five years by the U.S. National Science Foundation to develop the field of computational decarbonization, or CoDec, a new branch of computer science and engineering that … Read more

New coal leasing in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin to stop

GILLETTE, WY — The Biden administration announced today that it will end coal leasing in the Powder River Basin – the largest coal-producing region in the United States. The decision represents an historic shift in federal management of coal in the region, recognizing that the market has shifted away from coal as an electricity source … Read more

Is universal ZEV adoption absolute in achieving carbon net-zero by 2050?

Um, no. Background The average global surface-air-temperature-rise — compared to that which was present at the time the Industrial Revolution first became a thing back in year 1750 — must climb by no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius (C), in order “to reduce the greatest global risks and avoid significant, wide-ranging, and severe impacts,” as … Read more

What I’m watching

So, what I have to report on, has to do almost exclusively with climate change/global warming, decarbonization and greenhouse gas emissions. And, the shows that I’m watching and are of particular note, have all been aired on the Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS, and these are A Brief History of the Future (produced and narrated … Read more

Marking Asthma Awareness Month, national asthma-disparities-fight-leader honored

WASHINGTON – Every year in May, EPA marks Asthma Awareness Month to raise national awareness of asthma and to highlight leading programs across the nation that serve as models for delivering outstanding improvements in asthma care and quality of life for people with asthma. “Growing up with respiratory challenges in North Carolina, I know all … Read more