EPA again abruptly ends weak-ozone-standards reconsideration

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today [Aug. 21, 2023] that it is pulling the plug on its reconsideration of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone, commonly referred to as smog and starting a lengthy, slow full review. As a result of today’s decision, if the EPA doesn’t pick up … Read more

Carbon-absorbing olivine 2.0

The atmospheric carbon dynamic is changing. Experts say it’s flattening. I look at this and right away I’m thinking human CO2 contribution. Which, on the surface, sounds really hopeful. I mean, we’ve been pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for how long now? But, what’s good about this is that in the context of an … Read more

Running extra: Caltrain – a clean, green commute-train machine

In 1978, when I moved from Maryland to California (now my permanent home), there were only a smattering of railroads across the U.S. that served the commuting public. Caltrain – before it was called “Caltrain” (providing such service between San Francisco – also known as the City by the Bay – and San Jose – … Read more

If U.S. wants most advanced energy economy, some serious energy-permitting reform a must

Over the past two years, Congress has passed several much-needed laws and allocated over a trillion dollars to grow and update infrastructure and clean energy technology in the United States to combat climate change and lower consumer energy costs. However, these projects cannot become a reality under the current regulatory structure, which takes several years … Read more

America riding a passenger-rail-revival wave

Lots of exciting developments on the U.S. passenger-train front. Before year’s end, Brightline service will be inaugurated between Miami and Orlando International Airport. Top speed on the section between West Palm Beach and the latter, 125 miles per hour. This will be the second such domestic operation whose passenger trains will travel that fast. Quite … Read more

Breaking: Huge environmental win in historic youth-brought Montana climate case

Helena, MT – A  judge ruled in favor of Montana youth climate plaintiffs today, declaring the state is violating its own constitution by not protecting the right to a clean environment. Held v. Montana was the first-ever youth climate case to go to trial in the U.S. and now is the first victory, setting a … Read more

Newly launched Calif. program to assist truck owner-operators switch to ZEVs

SACRAMENTO – The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and transportation nonprofit CALSTART recently launched Cal Fleet Advisor, a free assistance program to help owners and operators of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and fleets make the transition to zero-emissions. Applications for the program are now being accepted. In April, CARB approved the Advanced Clean Fleets rule, which puts in … Read more

More thoughts on climate, warming and the ‘potential’ heat-trapping-gas link

As an environmental journalist more broadly and an air-quality (and climate) correspondent more narrowly, on matters dealing with such issues, only the facts will do. Anything less and it’s nothing more than hearsay. Therefore, I am obliged to stay informed on matters dealing with such issues, which would be impossible without me first doing my … Read more