CATS: Clean vehicle transport that’s, uh, ‘organic’?

Number 29 in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Organic cycling I have heard of recycling of organic matter but organic cycling? I am fast reminded of a familiar saying: “What’ll they think of next?!” Well, what, in fact, was at one time “next” on the time continuum is what today goes by the name pedal-slash-electric … Read more

Garbage disposal: Rubbish not just for burning and dumping anymore

Garbage disposal is not rocket science, but it’s no easy endeavor either. As is typical in cities, armies of sanitation workers are charged with the task of picking up refuse (and recyclables where applicable) in an armada of waste-collection vehicles that are there to haul away the solid waste- and recycle-material, which is itself typically … Read more

California tractor exchange program produces cleaner air

Each winter, an international agricultural equipment exposition – the World Ag Expo – comes to California’s bread basket – the San Joaquin Valley and in Tulare in particular. WAE draws people from all corners of the globe. Like some of the equipment on display, this three-day extravaganza is huge. I have been there but once. WAE … Read more

CATS: Trash – it’s the ‘stuff’ of biomass and documentaries

Number 22 in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Trash. By any other name – “garbage,” “refuse,” “rubbish” – trash is, well “trash,” and it is seemingly everywhere. Under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, on the side of the house or back yard, on the street or out along the highway. Trash – it is the … Read more

No slam dunk on spent American car batteries getting recycled sustainably

To those owning cars, I ask: Is there anything more disconcerting than the car not starting due to a battery depleted of charge? Unless one has a battery recharger handy or is able to get a jumpstart courtesy of another, it more or less means that requesting tow-truck or road-side assistance will be in order. Being a … Read more

Air (and its repair) in the care of the many

On Nov. 19, 2012, in “Air pollution: The enormity of it all,” I wrote: “More importantly, with the pollution already present, the very same that is causing a number of health issues for those people adversely affected by such, how does society effectively mitigate the impact, so that the numbers in this regard do not increase … Read more

Global greenhouse gas emissions reduction a work in progress

Today’s thread: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. Being that on the world stage California contributes a sizable chunk of GHG emissions, I would like to think the state is among an amalgamation of front-lines leaders making progress on the fight against global greenhouse gas emissions. I believe California is and that is good. To understand the magnitude of the Golden … Read more