No slam dunk on spent American car batteries getting recycled sustainably

To those owning cars, I ask: Is there anything more disconcerting than the car not starting due to a battery depleted of charge? Unless one has a battery recharger handy or is able to get a jumpstart courtesy of another, it more or less means that requesting tow-truck or road-side assistance will be in order. Being a … Read more

Air (and its repair) in the care of the many

On Nov. 19, 2012, in “Air pollution: The enormity of it all,” I wrote: “More importantly, with the pollution already present, the very same that is causing a number of health issues for those people adversely affected by such, how does society effectively mitigate the impact, so that the numbers in this regard do not increase … Read more

Global greenhouse gas emissions reduction a work in progress

Today’s thread: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. Being that on the world stage California contributes a sizable chunk of GHG emissions, I would like to think the state is among an amalgamation of front-lines leaders making progress on the fight against global greenhouse gas emissions. I believe California is and that is good. To understand the magnitude of the Golden … Read more