Air: It is what it is and what it isn’t is good

As I see it, the air mustn’t take any more of a pollution pounding. Nor should people’s lungs, hearts, bloodstreams, etc. suffer the harmful effects of toxic air. I mean, look, a 300 percent increase in just 10 years in the number of world deaths attributable to the effects of contaminated air? Seriously! Absent a comprehensive commitment, … Read more

Agency labels diesel engine exhaust emissions as ‘carcinogenic’ and other revelations

In a May 1st Air Quality Matters blog post, I referenced the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) document titled: “Second Report to Congress: Highlights of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program,” a document to be of particular relevance and importance. (To learn more and read what I had written, see: “EPA’s Diesel Emissions Reduction program is showing promise”). … Read more

EPA’s Diesel Emissions Reduction program is showing promise

Although patented by German mechanical engineer Dr. Rudolph Diesel in 1892, it wasn’t until 1897 in Augsburg, Germany that the first successful test of the diesel engine actually occurred. No doubt revolutionary for its time, it is amazing how far this means of producing motive power has come since. Having said that the diesel development … Read more

Regarding American Lung Association annual air report there is good and bad news

The American Lung Association (ALA) in its “State of the Air 2013” report, released Apr. 24th, found that better than 40 percent of all Americans breathe unhealthy air. On the other hand, for the nation in general, related air quality news was much more promising. “This year’s report reveals that many places made strong progress, … Read more

U.S. could see cleaner fuels powering cleaner cars by 2017

I cannot imagine there being a single vehicle owner who wouldn’t support a rule stipulating cars run cleaner. If not that, then how about much improved motor vehicle fuel economies – who would not want this? Maybe I’m just a dreamer. Washington Post correspondent Juliet Eilperin on Mar. 29, 2013, wrote: “The Environmental Protection Agency … Read more