Public transit in the bigger mobility context: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

One of the reasons I so enjoy watching travel-type shows is because on the preferred ones watched, water, rail and roadway travel all get equal billing. Imagine if that was the norm, I mean, regarding everyday travel. That would be great! Now, the method relied on most heavily, of course, is the last – roadway … Read more

What turning 1 California into 3, could, (and most likely) would mean for air

What would happen to California air, should state voters in November – that is, after which, if backed by the state legislature, federal government and possibly the court(s) if need be – decide that it is okay to split the state in three? If this happens, not only what would emerge would be three new … Read more

San Francisco transit-bus fleet to be wholly electrified by 2035

San Francisco, the “City by the Bay,” is the public transit epicenter of California. S.F. is in a category all its own, truly exemplary where Golden State-based public transit is concerned. It is also headquarters for corporate car- or ride-sharing giants Uber and Lyft. S.F. public transit runs the gamut. There is everything from BART … Read more

On global aviation emissions-reduction progress ‘we have lift-off!’ A follow-up

In its “Dramatic MBM Agreement and Solid Global Plan Endorsements Help Deliver Landmark ICAO 38th Assembly” Oct. 4, 2013 press release, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced: “ICAO’s States agreed to report back in 2016 with a proposal for a global MBM [Market-Based Measures] scheme capable of being implemented by 2020. Major efforts will … Read more

California on track to more emissions reduction with high-speed rail

In the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s 2018 Business Plan, released Jun. 1st, pointed out is that California, now home to 39.4 million people1, had a transportation system that, at one time, was “the envy of the world.”2 Another of the state’s hallmarks is its standing as a leader among world economies – it has been … Read more

California makes headway re mitigating VW diesel ‘defeat-device’-caused excess emissions

The Volkswagen diesel-motor-vehicle-cheating scandal is still making the news circuit. And, it seems like the controversy surrounding such isn’t going to evaporate anytime soon. The issue will no doubt garner attention and interest until all matters related to such are, once and for all, totally resolved. Regarding one recent related development in California, there is good … Read more

Effort to reduce methane at University of California, Davis dairy showing promise

The life of a dairy cow seems simple enough. Drink, eat, graze, give milk and produce waste is pretty much what being a dairy farm cow is all about with emphasis on the waste part for purposes of this discussion. Well, there is a considerable amount of research being done right now at University of … Read more

Keyless car operation: Posing a carbon-monoxide-poisoning risk?

Among the more recent features related to automobiles is keyless operation. Such a feature is considered by many to be a convenience. But, with this convenience a problem has surfaced. At issue According to a May 13, 2018 New York Times article, since the year 2006 in the United States, in excess of 24 deaths … Read more

Odds of reaching newest Valley air pollution standards even bleaker – 2

In this past Wednesday’s (May 16, 2018) “Odds of reaching new(est) pollution standards in California’s San Joaquin Valley rather bleak,” Air Quality Matters post, I spelled out the main problem with air pollution in the Valley. Truth be told, the outlook has gone from bad to worse and in relatively short order. In the May 16 … Read more

Odds of reaching new(est) pollution standards in California’s San Joaquin Valley rather bleak

Valley’s woes and worries Peering at a graph in the July 2016 Valley Air News publication, which has as a vertical plot “Tons per day” of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in California’s San Joaquin Valley, if I interpreted correctly what I see related to this, all mobile sources such as “Passenger Vehicles,” “Heavy Duty Trucks,” “Farm Equipment,” … Read more