Leading suppliers of fossil fuels contributing to GHGs named in UMass Amherst’s latest ‘Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index’

AMHERST, Mass. – Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) today [Oct. 6, 2023] released the second annual edition of the Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index, a comprehensive ranking of corporations that contribute to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by supplying fossil fuels. For the first time, PERI has also released the companion Greenhouse 100 Suppliers State List, presenting state-level rankings for the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels supplied within their borders. The indexes are based on the most recent data available from the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

The rankings provide a window into corporate responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions and potential liability for the resulting damage to Earth’s climate.

“In making this information available, we are building on the historic achievements of the right-to-know movement,” explains Professor Michael Ash, co-director of PERI’s Corporate Toxics Information Project. “Our goal is to engender public participation in environmental decision-making, and to help residents translate the right to know into the right to clean air, clean water and a livable planet.”

The Greenhouse 100 Suppliers rankings come with an open-access database that provides information on all fossil fuel suppliers in the country and by state, both at the level of individual facilities and at the level of parent corporations that own them, as well as a comprehensive search tool for every fossil fuel corporation.

Four oil companies top the national index: Marathon Petroleum, Phillips 66, Valero Energy and ExxonMobil account collectively for one-quarter of the total greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion in the U.S. economy. Rounding out the top 10 are two coal companies, Peabody Energy (No. 5) and Arch Resources (No. 7), three additional oil companies, Chevron (No. 6), PBF Energy (No. 9) and PDVSA (No. 10), and a natural gas firm, Enterprise Products Partners (No. 8). The top 10 fossil fuel suppliers alone account for over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel in the U.S.

Parent Corporation GHG Emissions

(million mt CO2-equivalent)

Marathon Petroleum 399.5 8.5%
Phillips 66 272.2 5.8%
Valero Energy 260.7 5.6%
Exxon Mobil 246.4 5.3%
Peabody Energy 188.3 4.0%
Chevron 134.2 2.9%
Arch Resources 127.8 2.7%
Enterprise Products Partners 110.6 2.4%
PBF Energy 99.5 2.1%
PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela) 97.7 2.1%
Top 10 Total 1,937 41.4%
All Fossil Fuel Suppliers Total 4,692 100%

Texas, Wyoming, Louisiana, California and Illinois top the Greenhouse 100 Suppliers State List for the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels introduced within their borders. The recent court case Held v. Montana, a historic victory for young climate advocates, drew attention to the importance of fossil fuel production at the state level. (Montana is No. 14 on the list.)

The Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index is the first comprehensive database to cover emissions from all three fossil fuels: oil, natural gas and coal. The rankings are based on 2021 data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Project (GHGRP) on oil and natural gas suppliers, together with data on coal suppliers from the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the Mine Safety and Health Administration, using methods described in a peer-reviewed journal article. (Coal suppliers were exempted from the reporting requirements of the GHGRP.) This latest edition of the Greenhouse 100 Suppliers [Index] contains more detailed data, especially for coal mines.

Source: “Updated ‘Greenhouse 100 Suppliers Index’ from UMass Amherst Names Top Suppliers of Fossil Fuels Contributing to Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” Oct. 6, 2023 UMass Amherst news release.

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  1. Climate change is not a hoax but CO2 as the cause of climate change is a hoax. Climate change is caused my massive water ocean pollution. Oceans are heated by the sun and cover >75% of the planet; AGW is the temperature rise of ocean surface layer. Clean water reflects most sunlight but polluted water absorbs most sunlight. Earth’s ocean surface temperature will continue to rise because nothing is done to address the real cause which is water pollution. America’s economy will be hobbled by CO2 reduction programs. This appears to be deliberate.

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