‘Though seemingly moot, still we shouldn’t pollute’ and more admonitions like it

Aug. 20, 2023 sunset, Fresno, Calif.

We all have to eat, right? What we put in our bodies intentionally or enters via an involuntary process as is the case with breathing, all has an influencing effect in terms of the way our health or physical well-being shakes out over time.

So, why is it that, generally speaking, we seem to treat that notion so matter-of-factly?

I’ve faced many a challenge in my day. The fact that I’m sitting here writing about this says something. For all others the story is little if any different and our experiences are what shapes us, makes us who we are. But, whatever our background and whatever walk of life we’re from matters not when it comes to right and wrong. We know polluted, toxic air is just plain wrong. It’s wrong on so many planes. We know it takes a toll on life. That said, though, do we have the courage to do what’s necessary to make the air right?

Now I want to ask, in turning things around, framing the conversation oppositely, the thought of having clean, healthy air to breathe all of the time, what is that worth, how much does that matter to you? If it matters, and I hope it does, what kinds of sacrifices are you willing to make just to be able to partake in that?

Next, I want to give you something else to think about. It’s more than an admonishment, it’s also advice. What is it? “Though seemingly moot, still we shouldn’t pollute.”

And, there’s more where that came from, this time in the form of a nickel’s worth of free advice, in fact, and that is: The world we will leave to our offspring is the one they will inherit. We would do well to adopt and live by the belief that the world which we will pass on should be all it can and be in the best shape possible, much more so than the one we were introduced to when we were born. Agree or not, there is so much to be said for that.

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2 thoughts on “‘Though seemingly moot, still we shouldn’t pollute’ and more admonitions like it”

  1. Exactly. We old folks got this world dirty and have our children and grandchildren the recipients of our inaction and ambivalence to make things right.

    Let’s, at least, start the movement, and lead the way.

  2. The nature of Nature is one of it being a self-cleansing agency, but it works too slowly for our needs. Are we really so guilty as having to responsibly clean up what was previously spilled and wasted?

    What we really need to stop is the increasing amount of dirt and wasteful pollution being deliberately produced today and in the future, so that a relatively few already wealthy monopolists can add to their ill-gained fortunes.

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