Getting a bad rap and deservedly so: Air pollution

LA_smog_masksQuestion: Ever hear anyone or hear of anyone raising a stink over dirt? Not I.

The way I see it, it would be a rarity if it happened at all. Not at all the case with air pollution. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Could it be the reason for this is that dirt is naturally occurring, whereas for the most part air pollution is not?

Just a thought.

Remember the infamous Hole-in-the-Wall Gang, a no good band of outlaws? Well, for air pollution, it is more of the same, with one difference: an “outlaw” air pollution is not. But, it might as well be because who in their right mind would not want pernicious pollution arrested? No one I can think of.

Guilty as charged

I know, I know. I’ll admit I am reminded at times to say nothing if I have nothing nice to say. Okay, guilty as charged. But, can an exception be made here this once? Now that I think of it, I’m hard-pressed to find what if anything air pollution is good for. I take that back. Good for nothing, maybe.

Not the case with air-pollution-mitigation progress, though. And that is as it should be.

The ‘dirt’ on despicable air

I can think of many things that air pollution is. It is dirty, disdainful, disgusting, disquieting, objectionable, repulsive, and any number of other choice adjectives I could use to describe it but won’t, for what should be obvious reasons. Oh, add to this list, harmful and unhealthful, in many cases.

One more thing: As for dirt, at least it has its place – under foot; grounded, in other words. On the other hand, air pollution, too, can be … grounded, that is (think smog), but that is never a good thing.

Hey, air pollution! I have nine words: Leave town and never come back! Get my drift?

– Alan Kandel

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