America’s infrastructure progress and what it means for air

Crossroads Every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases an infrastructure report card. It covers dams and bridges, roadways, railways: If it is infrastructure related, it’s probably covered. In 2013 when the report hit the streets (the last such report released), roadways had only earned a grade of “D,” a slight improvement … Read more

Air Quality Matters blog on the cusp: The start of year five

When the Air Quality Matters blog first was started – Nov. 5, 2012, President Barack Obama had just completed his very first term in office and was ready to embark on his second. Meanwhile, the country at this juncture had emerged – and I would add glowingly and stalwartly – from what has since become … Read more

Three helpful sustainability-related resources: How each may relate where air quality is concerned

The message: Don’t pollute. Easier said than done, right? It is here, exactly, where three books can be of immense help. And, these are three of my absolute all-time favorites. They are: 30 Simple Energy Things You Can Do To Save The Earth by EarthWorks Press, Inc. and distributed by Pacific Gas & Electric Company … Read more

Nine-in-ten breathe polluted air, so says WHO

When it comes to air-pollution-related analysis, the World Health Organization (WHO), regarding its most recent, has determined that the world over, 92 percent – or better than nine-in-ten – breathe polluted air. Details “A new WHO air quality model confirms that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits,” … Read more

Fresno Bee op-ed calls for air cleanup/emissions reduction

On Sept. 21, 2016, The Fresno Bee Editorial Board printed an op-ed, the crux of the editorial having to do with work in California and the San Joaquin Valley centered on helping “economically disadvantaged communities” better deal with the effects of poor area air quality. This was indeed a big part of the story. Brought … Read more

While U.S. non-transport emissions decline, those from transport climb

The good news is that more and more Americans are utilizing transportation methods that 1) don’t pollute at all, or 2) pollute less than the so-called “standard internal-combustion-engine powered motor vehicles.” What’s the bad news? With American drivers having driven 3.148 trillion miles in 2015 – the highest in recorded history, carbon dioxide and other … Read more

Creating air quality success in California’s heartland: How hard can this be?!

This year marks 25 years of Amtrak California Capitol Corridor service in December. The Capitol Corridor train was a late-comer in the grand scheme of the nationalized Amtrak passenger rail program. And, the success story that CC service is more or less mirrors that of Amtrak itself. Each are remarkable stories in their own right … Read more

For Fresno, it’s FAX, FAX and more FAX – 3

San Francisco has its beloved cable car. New Orleans its fabled streetcar. And, what has Fresno? FAX, for Fresno Area Express, is what. In the big raisin (among locals, the word-pair an innocuous, cheery substitute for the city’s name), big changes are a comin’. Not only are new high-speed railroad structures and tracks being built … Read more

On the roads, again! in Fresno County: What will this do for air?

It was just a few days ago that I received a Measure C annual report for the 2014-’15 reporting year. Measure C is a local Fresno County transportation improvement “program,” not unlike those in neighboring counties, this particular iteration an extension of the very first Measure C initiative. As a ballot referendum voted on by … Read more

American high-speed rail building on a roll – 2

In “American high-speed rail building in full swing: An update,” it was explained what the progress on high-speed rail building is in the U.S. In this second section, detailed is how America got where it is today, high-speed rail advancement-wise; discusses some high, low and in-between points, and what it is about this transportation mode … Read more