Updated U.S. EPA-issued PM 2.5 standard will help in protecting public health

A new national standard for fine particle pollution (PM 2.5 or particulate matter pollution 2.5 micrometers in diameter) was issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Dec. 14, 2012, set at 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. This replaces the previous standard of 15 micrograms per cubic meter, established in 1997. By year 2020 projections are 99 … Read more

Want a smaller carbon footprint? Think ‘inside’ the box

A little more than a month into this air quality discussion and noticeably lacking has been power generation. In this regard, change starts today. And what better place is there to begin than in my own home? I can think of none. It is helpful to understand the geography and meteorology of California’s San Joaquin Valley; the place I … Read more

A polluted air/warming world connection? On this the jury is still out, apparently

There appears to be growing belief, at least among Americans, climate disruption is real. And of Americans who believe, a majority, it seems, feel such is caused by human activity. In “Global Warming Poll: Climate Change A ‘Serious Problem’ To 68% Of Americans,” Huffington Post correspondent Alana Horowitz writes, “Of the 1,000 likely voters surveyed, 68 … Read more

On beating back emissions, if not now, when?

On Dec. 9, 2012, I posted: “To meet prescribed emissions-reduction targets, San Diego must get transportation plan right.” As I see it, 18 California regions in all including San Diego, are mandated by law to get this right in that each must step up to the plate greenhouse-gas-emissions-reduction-act-wise, particularly as it has to do with human-health impact. Moreover, in my view, … Read more

CATS: Wind turbines – An up-close-and-personal look

Number three in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Looking like giant fans and looming larger than life, nationwide, some 36,000 of these imposing structures stand tall. That’s the equivalent of an average 720 per state. Any way you look at it, that’s a whole lot of spinning going on. Now think for a moment if there weren’t … Read more

To meet prescribed emissions-reduction targets, San Diego must get transportation plan right

California is leading the field it seems, in getting laws passed to help bring it to a greener, more sustainable state. The frontline lawmakers responsible for getting key greenhouse-gas-emissions-reduction legislation passed, plus all those keeping a close eye on related activities, deserve praise. But being among the nation’s more notorious dirty – and harmful – air … Read more

CATS: Mowers on the ‘cutting’ edge

Continuing the Clean Air Technologies Series (or CATS) conversation, today I thought I would discuss electric lawnmowers. Not just electric mowers, but cordless electric mowers. When electric lawnmower operation went cordless that was electric mowing’s defining moment. It used to be that I’d see someone mowing their yard with an electric mower, but it had … Read more

Polluted air: The ‘heart’ of the problem

“‘We can no longer afford to consider air and water common property, free to be abused by anyone,’” espoused a determined Richard Nixon in one of his presidential speeches as conveyed in America Revealed, Episode 3: “ELECTRIC NATION,” a 2012 Public Broadcasting System presentation. Question is: In hindsight, could air (and water) afford such a … Read more

Modern-day ‘megafloods’: Is there an air pollution-atmospheric connection?

In my last post, talk focused on the “climatological shift” (or climate change) and “climatological cliff” phenomena and, with reference to the latter, what going over or falling off such could mean, that is, climatologically speaking. I also pointed out why air pollution, irrespective of climate shift or cliff, is not to be taken lightly due … Read more