Electricity use, air pollution and the robotics revolution

A segment of the Jan. 13, 2013 installment of the CBS 60 Minutes television program covered robotics. Given that I have now had plenty of time to digest what I have watched, my take is, robots, with their ranks apparently increasing, I can only imagine the effect on the electric grid supply and the environment. The presumption, of … Read more

Understanding and dealing with air pollution’s fallout

There appears to be growing consensus world air quality is worsening. Recognizing polluted air is a problem is one thing. Cleaning it up is a whole ‘nother matter entirely not to mention doing so is easier said than done. “According to the latest research, a majority (56 %) of Europeans believe that air quality has deteriorated … Read more

CATS: Light-emitting diode light comes shining through

Number nine in the Clean Air Technologies Series. I find it amazing the way technology has evolved so. I remember being able to walk into the neighborhood electronics parts store with vacuum tubes from home audio entertainment equipment, guitar amplifiers, televisions, radios, and what-not and being able to test their integrity on vacuum tube testers, … Read more

Pain at the pump: Top off that tank, kiss gas (and money) goodbye

In America a half-century ago, transportation ate up approximately 10 percent of household income. Those days and times are gone for good, but, then again … At any rate, according to renowned architect, a founding member of Congress for the New Urbanism and book author Peter Calthorpe in “The New Transit Town: Best Practices in Transit-Oriented … Read more

CATS: Emission recovery systems the latest craze and all the rage?

Number eight in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Think how many fugitive vapors or emissions there are in the world. What if they could all be captured and put to good use? In “Device converts manure gases into clean and useful energy,” discussed was how methane, a biogas emitted naturally from manure and, how with the … Read more

California high-speed rail looks to renewable resources for electricity supply

In “Trains prove their worth in helping improve air,” I offered, “In the final analysis if the growth in passenger train ridership is to continue, then additional service will be necessary. ….Electrified California high-speed rail service, on the other hand, expected to break ground later this year, when built and operational, will provide a viable alternative to meet … Read more