In search of clean air: California hard at work in clean air fight, has a ways to go still

If you want to know where some of the worst places in America are for ozone and particulate pollution, look no farther than California. That’s not just a blemish on the Golden State (and America), it’s a black eye. Add the term “eye sore” to regions plagued with smog. Still, in a Patterson (Calif.) Irrigator report written by … Read more

For Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport’s automated people mover, things are looking up

On visits to the Phoenix metropolitan area in both May and November 2009, I had the opportunity to ride the region’s Valley MetroRail light rail system. At the station at 44th and Washington streets, construction was then underway on what is today’s Phoenix (PHX) Sky Train™ system, an automated people mover (APM) connecting light rail riders to … Read more

CATS: Value-packed ‘Megaflora’ trees absorb pollution, produce energy

Number 19 in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Fuel being a central and huge and important element in the energy production story, I doubt very many people realize there is at least one fuel, an alternative fuel, that can not only produce energy but help clean air, soil and water as well. The fuel? It’s called: “Megaflora.” … Read more

Colorado forward-thinking regarding transportation, transportation policy

“A new state law that quietly moved through this year’s legislature gives cities and counties unprecedented freedom to spend tax dollars on transportation projects other than roads and bridges,” Monte Whaley wrote in the Denver Post. “This means communities for the first time can use their share of the $250 million pot of money made up of … Read more

Proposed short-haul freight rail line linking Central, Southern California has potential

“Diesel, used by most [heavy goods vehicles], causes more air pollution per kilometre than other fuels such as petrol.” This was a determination of the European Environment Agency (EEA), as brought to bear in the EEA’s Feb. 28, 2013 “Reducing the € 45 billion health cost of air pollution from lorries” press release – a … Read more

Agency labels diesel engine exhaust emissions as ‘carcinogenic’ and other revelations

In a May 1st Air Quality Matters blog post, I referenced the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) document titled: “Second Report to Congress: Highlights of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program,” a document to be of particular relevance and importance. (To learn more and read what I had written, see: “EPA’s Diesel Emissions Reduction program is showing promise”). … Read more

To alleviate road congestion, expand roads, provide alternatives or both?

In my last post I was pretty direct by suggesting, in effect, that American roadway infrastructure was heading in the wrong direction. As you know, roadways can only handle so many vehicles per given unit of time operating at a per given unit of speed. The proper term is “capacity.” Too little capacity and traffic flow becomes … Read more