How climate, as taught in the public-school setting, is being diluted

The fossil fuel industry has not just bought US senators and members of congress; it’s even buying school board and state board of education members. And, in some states, they’re demanding books or course instruction materials that explicitly lie — or at least confuse students — about the connection between fossil fuels and our climate … Read more

2023 ‘Earth Week’ extra

“Earth Week” 2023 starts today. That it is happening this Spring in particular seems most fitting. The theme? “Invest In Our Planet”. (See: “‘Invest In Our Planet’ this year’s EARTHDAY.ORG’s ‘Earth Week’ theme’”). Spring is a time of renewal. I love this time of year! Many different types of plants showing off colorful, dazzling blooms. … Read more

On doing ant, fly and odor patrol

This will sound cliche, but aromas, fragrances, odors, smells, stenches and what-not are a dime a dozen. Often, they just show up out of the blue, that is, when you least expect them to. The moment they hit your nose, such can, figuratively and literally speaking, throw you for a loop. I’m not exaggerating. It … Read more

Celebrating the big 1-0!

You’ve heard the expression “… is not an exact science.” The part with the “…” could be filled in with “earthquake prediction” or “weather forecasting,” to name two. Exact or not, science is an area of study or field of discipline that involves, requires, demands meticulous observation, focused intent and listening, critical thinking. And, you … Read more

Air Quality Matters blog turns 9

Nov. 5, 2021 marks nine years of posting at the Air Quality Matters blog. Take it from me, the run has been both remarkable and amazing! The very first post titled “Smog more than an eyesore – it’s a wake-up call,” ran on Nov. 5, 2012. Wow, it’s hard to believe that that much time … Read more

Changes at Air Quality Matters blog explained

If you’ve read the “Air Quality Matters” blog for a long-enough time, you have no doubt noticed some or all of the changes. Site evolution and improvement has been ongoing. It may not have all the bells and whistles that many other sites have, but I believe it has exactly the right mix of user-friendly … Read more

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is all about ‘community’

The scenes are unsettling: Gallon after gallon of milk discharged onto spick-and-span floors. If ever there was a time to cry over the spilled, imbibe-able liquid, this would be it. Uneaten food crops left in fields to rot. Food bank and grocery store inventories mostly or wholly expended, shelves close to or completely emptied, leaving … Read more