Clean-air Adventure Series: Yosemite National Park, California

In recognition of Air Quality Awareness Week in 2017, I have put together this series of clean-air adventures. I wanted to bring attention to places I traveled to in the past with vistas of unparalleled beauty, where a person could actually see the horizon and where polluted air was out-of-sight, out-of-mind. I indeed cherish those … Read more

Clean-air Adventure Series: South Lake Tahoe

The “adventures-in-clean-air” series continues. Big-city life has its advantages and benefits but it also has its drawbacks. So, it is with the last in mind, that there are times when the part of us that longs to be in the great outdoors, wants to get away to, the great outdoors. This impulse, motive force, urging, … Read more

One great bad-air escape: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Living in a location considered by many reliable sources to have America’s worst particulate matter pollution – that’d be California’s expansive San Joaquin Valley with roughly 4 million residents, 2 million motor vehicles and which accounts for half the state’s yearly agricultural production sales dollars – literally and figuratively taking “a breather” from any number … Read more

Air Quality Matters blog on the cusp: The start of year five

When the Air Quality Matters blog first was started – Nov. 5, 2012, President Barack Obama had just completed his very first term in office and was ready to embark on his second. Meanwhile, the country at this juncture had emerged – and I would add glowingly and stalwartly – from what has since become … Read more

Excursion train travels: Fuel for thought

The Baltimore & Ohio; the California & Western; the Cape Cod & Hyannis; the Filmore & Western; the Gettysburg; the Roaring Camp & Big Trees; the Sierra; the Yosemite Mountain-Sugar Pine; the Yolo Short Line; and the Yreka Western railroads. Yup, I’ve ridden these rails, all, behind steam and diesel alike. Never rode electric, but … Read more

May is National Bike Month – all 31 days!!

Bicycling is not something I talk or write about that much. Though there’s an irony in this because it was not too many years back that several people assembled to discuss the prospect of launching a magazine, the content of which was to be all about the great outdoors. Meeting were myself (to serve as … Read more

Of Earth Day and a past, present and future Earth

For two years I’ve written about Earth Day on Earth Day (Apr. 22nd) and I figure: why should this year be different?! Witness “Earth Day 2014: ‘Conserve’ is the word” and “Earth Day 2013: The view of one interested observer.” So, here is this year’s Earth Day message. I never know exactly what I’m going … Read more