Travel adventure: S.F. Bay to the Silver State and back via Interstate 80

Who doesn’t remember the late ’70s oil pinch? Those, too, were difficult days. I had been driving a late ’60s gas-guzzling, oil-burning, poor-example-of-an-automobile automobile. It, figuratively speaking, was a wreck. I used it to get to work and back, shopping and what-not in California’s San Francisco Bay Area where I was living and working at … Read more

Biking Baltimore: Oh how I miss that free-wheeling feeling

There is something about biking. The activity itself typically involves roadway-space sharing, with cars, trucks, motorcycles, electric scooters, other bikes and the like. Not just this, but such is perhaps the best mobility-based way to take it all (read: “the outdoors,” “the scenery,” “the rush”) in, the bottom line being, that’s what cycling is. With … Read more

Clean-air Adventure Series encore: Provo, Utah

It was during the late spring of 1986, and I was on a mission. More precisely, I was in the latter part of post-baccalaureate studies and in the home stretch making my way toward earning a Master’s Degree in Education at California State University, Fresno the culminating requirement being a thesis project. I had chosen … Read more

Hitting 2030 GHG-mark harder with California driving-miles rising – 2

Greenhouse gas emissions in California must be at a level of 250 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e) units. That’s the target for year 20301 as prescribed by Executive Order B-30-15 and California Senate Bill 322 and which amounts to a 181 MMTCO2e-reduction below the 431 MMTCO2e-figure, the goal established for 2020 or … Read more

Riding the rails one ‘fine’ day? Close, but no cigar

Through travels I have visited many a place. Canada and Mexico are among the vast number of North American sites and points trekked to. But it was one cross-country journey that stands out from the rest, it taking place in the mid-1980s, with primary and secondary destinations being: Baltimore, Maryland and Hanover, Pennsylvania. Has history … Read more

Clean-air Adventure Series: Loyalton, California

During my younger days I traveled far and wide. Landing a teaching job, albeit a part-time position, at California State University, Long Beach in the Engineering and Industrial Technology Department in Sept. 1987 and extending to June ’88, during those nine months I vacationed twice. This clean-air adventure is in reference to the Memorial Day … Read more