Beyond Oil/Sierra Club ‘Smart Choices, Less Traffic’ report gives transit the green light

By the time the mid-20th century rolled around, the American streetcar had seen far better days. But for this inspiring institution, it was neither the end of the road nor the end of the American electric street railway story. Yes, the near-total disappearance of the once-mighty and utilitarian trolley network is sad, but it’s also profound, though … Read more

CARS: Contaminated-Air-Remediation Strategies

There are all kinds of ways to make air cleaner – everything from the simple to the substantial and from the subliminal to the sensational. From an earlier post – “Air pollution: The enormity of it all,” I listed various pollution sources. Repeating those here, these are: Agricultural Commercial (Business) Construction (and Demolition) Energy Production … Read more

To meet prescribed emissions-reduction targets, San Diego must get transportation plan right

California is leading the field it seems, in getting laws passed to help bring it to a greener, more sustainable state. The frontline lawmakers responsible for getting key greenhouse-gas-emissions-reduction legislation passed, plus all those keeping a close eye on related activities, deserve praise. But being among the nation’s more notorious dirty – and harmful – air … Read more

Emissions reduction that works

There are currently an estimated 314,878,498 Americans total, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. For a population of almost 315 million and growing, there are 4 million accessible lane-miles of roadway, Yul Kwon in “NATION ON THE MOVE” (Episode 2 of America Revealed, a 2012 Public Broadcasting System broadcast), revealed, on which an estimated 200,260,571 cars … Read more

eMission control – Focus: Roadways

Does America have enough roadway lane miles or do we need more? Since the question is a ‘two-parter,’ firstly, YES and secondly, NO. In America Revealed, Episode 2: “NATION ON THE MOVE,” a Public Broadcasting System broadcast, mentioned is that total American road mileage is four-million. A person cannot tell much from that number alone. One … Read more