On separating – the nitty-gritty of recyclables and refuse disposal; how done right can be air-helpful

Fresno, California, in my opinion, has an exemplary recycling endeavor. I’m not just saying this because I’m a member of the greater Fresno citizenry or because I’m an active contributor and participant in the local waste management effort. And, it has nothing to do with my becoming aware of the recycling goings-on in these here … Read more

SAPS: Getting more from orchard waste; cleaner air included

Number 3 in the Sustainable Agricultural Practices Series. It is near impossible for all people to always agree on all matters, obviously. Take, for instance, climate change (global warming): 1) not everyone subscribes to the notion of a warming Earth; and 2) of those who believe the world is warming there isn’t universal consensus as … Read more

Sustainable Agricultural Practices Series kickoff: A farm-waste-reuse success story

One of the more, I think, unique facets of living in California’s breadbasket (the San Joaquin Valley) is the juxtaposition created by low-lying cities, towering and rocky Sierra Nevada mountain peaks in the company of myriad flat and hilly farm country. To get from city centers to what is probably best described as the world’s … Read more

Biogas use: The latest craze and all the rage?

I have probably read a hundred different articles dealing with biogas or biofuel production and use. I have even written on this myself. But, it wasn’t until I read an article in The Orange County Register just this morning on the matter and it was from this that an idea popped into my head. This … Read more

A (hopefully) thoughtful, motivational New Year’s message

As I sit here composing, I am thinking back to about this time last year when I did likewise, and the year before that – trying to organize my thoughts in terms of what to compose. The plan, when all is said (actually, written) and done, is to put forth a highly thoughtful and motivating message … Read more

Air district insists open-field-ag-waste-burning resumption a ‘last-resort’ measure only

All of this talk about how California (an agricultural implements and transportation innovations leader) and of the actions to lower harmful emissions through such programs as the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Renewable Portfolio Standard, Cap-and-Trade and others, as well as via direct legislative effort – all of which are exemplary in terms of reining in … Read more

In SJV seeking clean air has it been one step forward, two steps back?

California’s San Joaquin Valley is roughly 24,000 square miles in area. It is hemmed in by mountains on three sides and created is a perfect storm for air pollutants to collect and build. And, here, that pollution will stay until air-cleansing winds and/or rain blow and/or wash it away. Weather does not by itself create … Read more

Review: ‘Cooling It! No Hair Shirt Solutions to Global Warming’

Cooling It! No Hair Shirt Solutions to Global Warming, by Gar. W. Lipow is a roadmap showing us the way to become a more energy efficient nation and how relying on renewables-production processes like sun, wind, wave and tide (as opposed to dependence on fossil fuels) can not only help pave the way toward greater … Read more

Air Quality Awareness Week 2015 – Part 4: Automobility’s and waste’s 3Rs

While others have their definitions, I have my own ideas of what constitutes automobility. What automobility means to me is anything that provides mobility, motion initiated by some external or internal means of power or force, inertia, of course, being overcome. Such a broad definition, I know. There are many, many methods to make automobility … Read more