Campaign underway to discourage diesel-engine tampering

A nationwide outreach and education campaign is underway to discourage tampering with diesel engines, as well as to educate lawmakers about the proposed state legislative policies and practices that may actually encourage it, thanks to the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF). Diesel engines are highly coveted tools of work that power key sectors of our economy … Read more

Air quality, meteorology: Though neither friends, nor foes, destined they are to be juxtaposed!

Like like magnetic forces that repel each other, air quality and meteorology would seem. We can see neither, yet, we know they’re there. Which makes describing their relationship – relationship, as in how they interact – difficult for one to put one’s finger on. But, is all of this even important? I believe it is absolutely! … Read more

Black carbon and its climate impact: What we know

We’ve been told lots about greenhouse gases (GHGs) and what effect these have on atmospheric warming and climate. They are therefore grouped or classified thusly as: climate pollutants. But, the climate-pollutant class is not limited to greenhouse gases alone. Black carbon (also known as elemental carbon) is an element under that umbrella as well. Carbon … Read more

Increased Parkinson’s risk with higher exposure levels of soot, study finds

Living in areas of the United States with higher levels of air pollution is associated with an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, according to a preliminary study released today, February 23, 2023, that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 75th Annual Meeting being held in person in Boston and live online from … Read more

California Community Air Protection Program coverage broadened

The California Air Resources Board approved adding two new communities for the Community Air Protection Program to continue the statewide fight to clean the air, especially in communities overburdened with air pollution as mandated under [California] Assembly Bill 617. Members of the Board selected two communities recommended by CARB staff for the fifth year of … Read more

Trains: The American electric

At the time of the electric locomotive’s U.S. debut in 1865, American railroading was, from then on, forever changed. On more than a few rail lines, electricity became the mode-moving method of choice. For those rail enterprises taking the electricity plunge, as long as such remained viable and relevant, said operations were kept operational: electric … Read more

Rapid impacts of air pollution on brain, study suggests

The below Jan. 24, 2023 press release* is from the University of British Columbia. First-in-the-world study suggests that even brief exposure to air pollution has rapid impacts on the brain. A new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria has shown that common levels of traffic pollution can … Read more

Manufacturing’s, energy’s, transport’s environmental records: They could be better

If you’re looking at today’s environmental landscape as a gauge, a measure, a yardstick and are contemplating whether or not it is where it needs to or should be, the answer is: no; the environment is not where it could or should be. That’s the reality. Environmental stewardship the name of the game It’s all … Read more