How to ‘properly’ classify partial zero-emissions vehicles, hybrids is the question

Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicles or PZEVs for short, seem to be one of those “oddball” classes of vehicles. PZEVs have internal combustion engines but their engines produce no what are referred to as evaporative emissions. Hybrids, unlike PZEVs, emit exhaust but the amount of emissions emanating from the exhaust is comparatively much lower than that coming … Read more

Legal challenge to oil, gas drilling on Calif. public lands advanced

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Conservation organizations have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeking to halt the unlawful drilling of multiple oil and gas wells in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The agency rushed the approval of the well permits in the Mount Poso oil field near Bakersfield without allowing … Read more

U.S. energy independence strengthened, low-carbon fuels advanced with issued final EPA rule

WASHINGTON – Today [Jun. 21, 2023], the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final rule under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program that establishes the biofuel volume requirements for 2023 to 2025. This final rule builds on the RFS program’s progress over the previous two years and reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to strengthen the … Read more

Breaking: Historic climate case heard in Montana court brought by youth, ends

Helena, MT — Trial in the landmark youth-led constitutional climate lawsuit Held v. State of Montana drew to a close today [Jun. 20, 2023], marking the end of a week and a half of expert testimony and firsthand, often emotional, accounts from the 16 young Montanans who filed the lawsuit three years prior. The proceedings concluded … Read more

The best path to transport net-zero emissions: And, the answer is?

There is much debate over how best to achieve net-zero emissions. While I don’t have the definitive answer, I surely have an opinion. Keep in mind that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide are still rising. But, understand also that transportation contributes significantly to that increase. The biggest atmospheric-GHG contributor within the transport sector, meanwhile, is … Read more

New report touts clean-car benefits for Colorado

DENVER – Coloradans—who frequently endure unhealthy air pollution largely from gasoline-burning vehicles—stand to receive major jobs, health, and energy savings benefits if the state adopts a strong Colorado Clean Cars plan that would speed up the transition to zero-emissions electric cars and light-duty trucks, a new report shows. “The Benefits of the Colorado Clean Car … Read more

Industrial-scale commercial-charging hardware key to successful U.S. zero-emissions freight operations

A new study published today [May 11, 2023] by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) assesses where, when, and how much charging infrastructure will be required by 2030 to support the fast-moving transition to zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the United States. Infrastructure development creates economic opportunity for local communities, and business opportunities for … Read more

Taking stock – Part II: California – a frontlines leader in taking on GHG

There is no other place on Earth quite like California. In fact, if an independent nation, California’s economy would rank as the world’s fifth largest. That’s no idle boast. Neither is the fact that the Golden State is 105 million acres in size* on which some 40 million residents have staked out some kind of … Read more

California prepares for big-time EV big-rig transition

There’s an electric-truck wave headed for California. Although relatively slow in coming, make no mistake: the sweep will be thorough. “‘California continues to lead by example with first-of-its-kind standards to slash air pollution and toxics from heavy-duty trucks,’ said Yana Garcia, California’s Secretary for Environmental Transportation.* ‘Where you live, work, or go to school should not … Read more