What environmental stewardship could look like in 2050

Below is an excerpt from the earlier post: “eMission Control – Focus: The past, present and future.” “For those who feel climate change right now is real, there are those who attribute such to human activity while others dismiss that notion completely. Whatever one’s position, though, understand this: debate is ongoing and at times it’s intense and contentious. “Staying … Read more

EU seeks approval of proposed reductions of large ships’ carbon dioxide emissions

From Figure 6 (“Distribution of CO2 emissions in the world by activity sector – 2007”) in the Nov. 2011 International Union of Railways (UIC) report: High Speed Rail and Sustainability, the transport sector contributed 23 percent of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). Meanwhile, energy’s share – electricity and heat – of CO2 emissions was … Read more

Air: It is what it is and what it isn’t is good

As I see it, the air mustn’t take any more of a pollution pounding. Nor should people’s lungs, hearts, bloodstreams, etc. suffer the harmful effects of toxic air. I mean, look, a 300 percent increase in just 10 years in the number of world deaths attributable to the effects of contaminated air? Seriously! Absent a comprehensive commitment, … Read more

Efforts to lower air emissions from marine vessels in Canadian waters laudable

It’s always heartening to learn when new measures are being implemented to reduce emissions. Such is the case with amendments in Canada to cut air pollution levels from vessels navigating Canadian waters. This is on top of other air-emissions-reduction actions already taken. “The amendments bring new requirements into force for vessels under Annex VI of … Read more

The ‘sprawl’ or ‘no sprawl’ choice is ours and change on the horizon?

First things, first. I would really like to know if there is such a thing as too much sprawl – suburban, exurban or otherwise? If the adage “everything in moderation” really rings true, then, yes, by definition, there could conceivably be too much sprawl. Question is: Has the sprawl demarcation line already been established though? … Read more

On Earth Day and always ‘green’ transit worth its weight in gold

Transportation provides such an essential service to society. Public transit also being a small but integral and important part of the total transportation package, here is what the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) had to say about the environmental friendliness aspect of public transit: “In celebration of Earth Day, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) … Read more

In California’s Central Valley, horizontal sprawl hits a wall – or has it?

By the time Southern Pacific Railroad railhead reached Fresno in 1874 the area’s agrarian roots already ran deep – they were firmly planted, in other words. Like many Valley communities, both Fresno and its closest neighbor to the north, Madera, grew up around the railroad. Between these two neighbors flows the San Joaquin River. For this reason or that, the two … Read more

Two state governors question Northwest’s role in the export of domestic coal

A comprehensive examination of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions must be undertaken and completed prior to any decision being made on whether or not U.S. Northwest ports can be set up for coal export to China. This, in effect, is what Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee expressed in a … Read more