Black carbon and its climate impact: What else we know

In “Black carbon and its climate impact: What we know,” presented were a few black-carbon basics and how, when present in the atmosphere, is a climate-forcing agent. For example, from that post, I wrote: “So, beginning at the beginning, black carbon is created as a result of incomplete combustion when it comes to the burning … Read more

A climate too far? Or not? Some insights

Based on all that we’ve learned through direct observation, tracking and data collection, it is certainly not unusual for climate to be variable, much like that of temperature or weather. We also know it is possible for the temperature one day to be in the 80s and, in the 30s (degrees, of course, expressed in … Read more

California Community Air Protection Program coverage broadened

The California Air Resources Board approved adding two new communities for the Community Air Protection Program to continue the statewide fight to clean the air, especially in communities overburdened with air pollution as mandated under [California] Assembly Bill 617. Members of the Board selected two communities recommended by CARB staff for the fifth year of … Read more

1st green-hydrogen passenger train to demonstrate in Montreal during summer

Alstom, global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, in partnership with the Government of Quebec, Chemin de fer Charlevoix, Train de Charlevoix, Harnois Énergies and HTEC, has announced a passenger service demonstration project for its Coradia iLint hydrogen-powered train. During summer 2023, the Coradia iLint will carry passengers on the Réseau Charlevoix rail network, along … Read more

Legal accord forces EPA action to further smog reductions in CA, TX communities, counties

The Environmental Protection Agency agreed today [Feb. 21, 2023] to meet deadlines for reducing smog in parts of California and Texas that have some of the nation’s worst air pollution. Today’s agreement followed a lawsuit from the Center for Biological Diversity and Center for Environmental Health challenging the EPA’s failure to ensure that San Diego County … Read more

UK’s GWR assumes Vivarail’s fast-charging battery trial program

Class 230 Great Western Railway has completed the purchase of a number of assets from emission-free battery and hybrid trains manufacturer Vivarail, which entered administration last December. GWR has agreed [to] contracts to buy intellectual property, rolling stock and equipment relating to the development of high-performance battery and FastCharge technology designed to support wider introduction … Read more

In effort to meet global climate targets, should U.S. be exporting LNG?

Here’s the deal: Based on the myriad observations made and pertinent data gathered by scientists (many of whom are world-renowned, by the way) over the years supporting, with a high degree of confidence, the premise that the earth risks going off the edge climatologically speaking if we don’t get off the human-induced greenhouse gas-emitting track … Read more

Natural gas sure getting its share of attention, lately

These days, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t notice (witnessing first-hand, seeing or hearing, watching on television) something having to do with air pollution. It figures, doesn’t it?! Just this past Sun., Feb. 5, 2023, in fact, a related story was included in CBS’ “Sunday Morning” lineup. The segment mostly had … Read more

Common-sense approach needed in making fossil-to-renewable sources/supply transition

If there’s one thing you should know about me it should be that I’m not a big proponent of fossil-fuel use. If you’ve been anywhere, where, in the air, there is noticeable smog and/or haze, then you should have an appreciation for why it is, in this context, I feel as I do. This is … Read more

New Biden Administration ‘Mega’ grant program awards millions to transit, passenger rail projects

The below Jan. 31, 2023 press release* is from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) today applauded the Biden Administration for investing nearly $520 million in new grants toward four critical public transit and passenger rail projects in California, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania. The projects are four of … Read more