Get more from energy and pollute less – a win, win if ever there was one

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? The lowering or elimination of emissions is a good challenge, don’t you think? As it relates, if a circumstance exists where a positive environmental impact can be made, then I tend to support strategies and measures that help such causes along. But doing such at times could be challenging. … Read more

Summer in the Valley: ‘Heat’ and ‘smog’ familiar (if not infamous) four-letter words

Heat and smog are no strangers to the San Joaquin Valley of California and its denizens this time of the year. As a matter of fact, in the Valley the heat is on and for that matter so too is smog. Reasons for the heat and smog are pretty straightforward. “Valley geography as it were … Read more

CATS: Bidirectional ceiling fans – what goes around, comes around

Number 11 in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Record-breaking temperatures abound all around. On Jan. 21, 2013, for example, Los Angeles recorded a record-setting high temperature of 81 degrees. That this occurred in the middle of winter especially, isn’t cool. What is, or rather, what helps cool things off (or down), are fans. And with … Read more

Want a smaller carbon footprint? Think ‘inside’ the box

A little more than a month into this air quality discussion and noticeably lacking has been power generation. In this regard, change starts today. And what better place is there to begin than in my own home? I can think of none. It is helpful to understand the geography and meteorology of California’s San Joaquin Valley; the place I … Read more

Air quality and air conditioning matters; I’ll say!

Today’s thread: Air conditioning. Everyone knows air can’t be seen, but just as sure as it can be felt, air can also be conditioned. Fact is, there is more to this whole air conditioning bit than just meets the eye – and skin, way more. Great, but what does any of this have to do … Read more