What’s that smell?! Sniffing out trouble at first whiff

If there’s a scent to be sensed, yoo hoo, over here, wind of it (pun intended) I will get! Trust me. Very little, if anything, ever, blows by, pleasant and unpleasant alike, the latter of which I would much prefer to forego completely. And, I’m not going to say “if you get my drift,” so … Read more

Personal air-quality activity profile

And now for something just a little different. There is a tool called the carbon calculator. It is an instrument available to help people determine what their personal or household carbon footprints are. Truth be told, I have never used the device. I am not advocating that people don’t use this. However, for myself, I’ve … Read more

The dog days, smog days of summer: It’s that time of the year again

Right on schedule, smoggy days are here again (here, meaning in the San Joaquin Valley of California). And, such has come on with a vengeance. Around these parts and this time of the year especially smog is par for the course. Today, in Fresno County, smack-dab in the center and thick of it all, the … Read more

Life-sustaining trees: Good all around

Flora gives off oxygen that supports other life; namely human and animal – primarily. Fauna gives off carbon dioxide that supports plant life. That system, right now seems to be somewhat out of kilter. What I’m referring to is a rise in population, and due to development, vegetation to produce the oxygen necessary to support … Read more

Large sources’ GHG data shows progress made, where it’s lacking

Since the focus this week has been overwhelmingly on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, I thought I would round out this week’s discussion covering U.S. GHG. Going all the way back to Sept. 30th last year, published was the news release “EPA Releases Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities.” Why bring up this topic now? … Read more

Get more from energy and pollute less – a win, win if ever there was one

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? The lowering or elimination of emissions is a good challenge, don’t you think? As it relates, if a circumstance exists where a positive environmental impact can be made, then I tend to support strategies and measures that help such causes along. But doing such at times could be challenging. … Read more

Summer in the Valley: ‘Heat’ and ‘smog’ familiar (if not infamous) four-letter words

Heat and smog are no strangers to the San Joaquin Valley of California and its denizens this time of the year. As a matter of fact, in the Valley the heat is on and for that matter so too is smog. Reasons for the heat and smog are pretty straightforward. “Valley geography as it were … Read more

CATS: Bidirectional ceiling fans – what goes around, comes around

Number 11 in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Record-breaking temperatures abound all around. On Jan. 21, 2013, for example, Los Angeles recorded a record-setting high temperature of 81 degrees. That this occurred in the middle of winter especially, isn’t cool. What is, or rather, what helps cool things off (or down), are fans. And with … Read more