Air quality reporting: How useful a service is it, really?

So, I wanted to know just how useful are the various tools available to the public for assessing the air quality condition where I reside – in California’s expansive San Joaquin Valley. The region is ranked worst in the nation for fine particulate matter pollutant emissions and the nation’s second worst for ozone, the two … Read more

A warming world notwithstanding, how does civilian space travel make sense?!

It has been the long-held dream of many an ordinary citizen I’m sure, to add space travel to their bucket lists. Well, that reality, made possible for those inclined enough to venture beyond the wild blue yonder, may be just around the corner. All well and good, except for one minor detail: The introduction of … Read more

Air pollution: Within the American experience: The big-picture story

I just recently read – somewhere – America’s air has worsened, in fact, there is 15 percent more pollution in it (I am assuming volumetric-wise), than there was, say, just a few years back. That’s not a good sign. After years, even decades, of encouraging air trends, to some, this news may come as a … Read more

Real, by the way, is global warming (and cooling) also

Today’s is the follow-on article to “Want to know if climate change is real? For answers, just look to the Valley.” Climate change has undoubtedly left its imprint on California’s San Joaquin Valley. Though I do not know first-hand the full extent of climate-change-related circumstances elsewhere, I do, however, have direct knowledge (through observation) of … Read more

Most air-friendly of all outdoor sports? Golf. It doesn’t get any greener than this

Week-in and week-out on weekends, I watch televised broadcasts of golf matches almost religiously, that is, unless there is something else going on that takes precedence. I don’t miss a beat, meaning I watch these televised golf matches to the exclusion of all other broadcast sports, which on weekends, seem to flood the channels. Golf’s … Read more

Four years in, California high-speed rail building keeps on keepin’ on

With a population of 40 million people and growing, and major road-based transportation-corridor traffic often at a standstill, the prospect of riding a 220-mile-per-hour bullet train across much of the state, sounds extremely appealing. Though the question remains, is this the train Californians will get? One day, hopefully, it is! Object of deserved or unfair … Read more

Failure of fed to increase community protections against ozone forces legal action

Represented by the environmental organization Earthjustice, the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity filed suit in court in an effort to force the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fulfill its obligations to protect affected communities from unhealthful levels of ozone smog. Affected cities, regions and states, according to Earthjustice in its May 7, … Read more

My laundry list of fixes for stopping the gamut of pesky odors indoors

Face it: Living spaces produce a whole slew of smells. There is everything from pungent under-the-kitchen-sink-placed-trash-can and garbage-disposer-related stenches to dirty laundry and stale clothes/linens and clothes-/linen-closet odors. And, at times, it seems like it is everything one can do just to keep all the unpleasant if not offensive household aromas at bay. But, not … Read more

World Environment Day 2019: A day to ‘Beat Air Pollution’

The below press release dated Jun. 5, 2019 is from UN Environment. Governments, industry, communities and individuals around the world today commemorated World Environment Day, the United Nations’ biggest annual event for positive environmental action, encouraging worldwide awareness and commitment to protect our planet. This year’s celebrations, held under the theme ‘Beat Air Pollution’, called … Read more

World Environment Day 2019: Air pollution (and making cleanup job 1)

A heads-up: June 5, 2019 is World Environment Day 2019. This year’s focus: Air pollution. As part of that in this thread, included is information on air cleanup. Introduction There isn’t a soul anywhere I can think of who doesn’t appreciate clean, healthy air. That said, on Earth, better than 90 percent of humanity is … Read more