Climate conundrum: How we got here and do or don’t we make something of it?

Where climate change is concerned, there are only three so-called “worldview” positions: Non-acceptance of climate change as a real phenomenon; acceptance that cc is real but rejection of notion that human activity is driver; and, acceptance that cc is real and embrace the “human-activity-is-behind-it” notion. That’s it.

Now, if you’re of the opinion that the climate’s present state is either somewhat or fully out of kilter – positions many support – and it is human influence that has made things thus, then it seems a reasonable assumption that you would never want an opportunity in your speaking up or out on climate issues, to ever slip by.

On the other hand, there are those, meanwhile, who just reject the notion that humans have anything at all to do with climate’s condition – present or past – and, if anything – attribute a naturally changing climate to natural factors, forcers or phenomena only.

Then there are those who believe climate is inherently unstable and reason that any effort to try and purposely manipulate climate would be a grave mistake, that things are better off being left alone and, that any attempt to do otherwise, is a fool’s bet and just asking for trouble.

It’s quite an interesting juxtaposition to say the least!

All of this could factor into the world not being able to reach consensus on this issue. And, reaching consensus is essential in our deciding which path is the best to take in proceeding. Deciding now on how to proceed is the tricky part. It is because of a lack of our agreeing on this issue that has put us in this position. That’s the reality.

Another, different reality is the one where the Earth’s lower atmosphere has been heating up. There is simply no denying this fact.

So, what to do or not do is the question.

Being that tomorrow is Earth Day I would say this: Take this one day and opportunity to give the environment (air, soil, water) a break. Tread lightly in your step making sure to neither create nor leave a deep negative environmental footprint. A directive that in no way as I see it asks too much of us. Have a good one!

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    • When you say water pollution are you referring to agricultural runoff, bilge water released from ships, plastic pollution, general ship-discarded refuse, all of the above? I am hoping you will shed some additional light.

      • Any pollution that causes seawater to get darker and hence absorb more sunlight: primarily agricultural pollution & inadequately treated sewage add nutrients that cause algae growth which absorb more sunlight, and less importantly industrial chemicals if they cause dead zones. Ship pollution is minor. Plastic pollution and chemical waste merely contaminate seawater. CO2 is a trivial factor in planetary surface heating.

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