In U.S. 499,000 VW diesel-engine equipped cars recalled, settlement terms TBA

Back on Nov. 16, 2015, in “Volkswagen offers diesel-emissions-deficient-auto customers coupons, cash in redress program,” I affirmed, “[a]lmost two months have passed since news broke on Sept. 18th of the emissions-altering ‘defeat-device’ scandal affecting an estimated 11 million Volkswagen diesel motor vehicles worldwide. VW is possibly already on the hook for an estimated $7.3 billion as it has to do with redress, independent of and without regard to the outcome of any and all litigation brought against the auto maker in regard to the emissions-doctoring scandal.”

Then, on May 2nd, in “Air Quality Awareness Week – 2016: A retrospective, prospective,” what I wrote in that was: “Preliminarily, agreement has been reached between the courts and Volkswagen. Spelled out is what course that remediation/mitigation will likely take.”


“Under emissions-testing procedures, the vehicles’ engines apparently met specifications, that is, absent any further technical (mechanical and/or electrical/electronic) issues. However, when not undergoing emissions testing or under normal operating conditions, that is when in regular operation, the exhaust released contained anywhere from between 10 and 40 times the acceptable amounts of oxides of nitrogen or NOx emissions depending upon vehicle,” in “What navigating the VW diesel vehicle recall road ahead may look like,” I explained. “On-board vehicle software is to blame in this particular circumstance; such referred to as a ‘defeat device’ as per Clean Air Act definition. The motor vehicles affected are the Jetta, Beetle and Golf, model years 2009-2015; the Audi A3, model years 2009-2015; and the Passat, model years 2014-2015.”

Latest developments

After more than three-quarters-of-a-year later, here in the states, at least, it looks as though a fix is finally at hand. Regarding the offending Volkswagen and Audi if not Porsche diesel-engine equipped 2.0 liter vehicles in question, it is my understanding based on information I read in a recent Los Angeles Times story, on Tues., June 28th, and as it pertains to court settlement proceedings, to be disclosed will be an announced recall plan. I plan to provide a full report.

Revised numbers

In all, in the U.S. there are a total of 499,000 – nearly half-a-million – so-affected vehicles; in other words, vehicles identified as having “defeat-device” capability onboard. It was earlier reported that the total was 482,000.

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