In the spotlight: ‘Dump the Pump Day’, transport society honored

Soybeanbus[1]This year June 19th is dedicated as National Dump the Pump Day by the American Public Transportation Association. That’s tomorrow. Twenty-fourteen marks nine years that National Dump the Pump Day has been observed.

“Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), in partnership with the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), this national public transportation awareness day encourages people to ‘dump the pump’ by parking their car and riding public transit instead,” the APTA wrote in its Jun. 16, 2014 “Dump the Pump. Save Money. Ride Transit” press release.

So, how about it?

Ditching the car, if only for a day, would help the air, that is, if the car is gasoline powered.

But, not just this. According to the public transportation association, using public transit in place of driving can save households money.

“According to APTA’s May Transit Savings Report, households can save, on the average, $10,181 a year when they ‘dump the pump’ and take public transit instead,” the APTA in the release insisted.

Less fuel consumed, less pollution entering the air and more money saved, and no filling the gas tank at least for a day, what is not to like?

DSCN4298 (340x255)Added APTA: “More than 100 public transit systems around the country are planning to participate in the National Dump the Pump Day on June 19 in a variety of ways.” The public transportation association then goes on in the release to highlight several “Dump the Pump Day” events happening around the country.

For more information about National Dump the Pump Day, go here.

In other APTA news and keeping with the sustainability theme, APTA honored a transport society for the contribution it has made to help make the environment a more sustainable one.

“Today the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) awarded Société de transport de Montréal (STM) with an official certificate for earning Gold-level recognition in the APTA Sustainability Commitment program,” the APTA in the “Société de transport de Montréal Receives Gold-Level Recognition for Sustainability” press release offered. “Chair Phillipe Schnobb and CEO Carl Desrosiers received the award for STM’s sustainability commitment which resulted in decreasing air pollutant emissions per produced seat mile (PSM) by 43 percent from 2006-2012. In addition, STM achieved a 17 percent reduction in electricity use and a 7 percent reduction in fuel use per PSM over this period.”

Not only has the environment been helped, but STM system operations have likewise improved.

“Among STM’s signature policies are an initiative to pursue LEED certification for all new buildings, as well as a policy to reduce emissions by purchasing only electric vehicles by 2025,” the APTA emphasized.

For more information, go here.

Published by Alan Kandel