Air Awareness Week, Earth Day and more planet-helping ideas

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17[1]Spring has sprung. It’s both a time of renewal and of cleaning and I am thinking about and looking forward to two upcoming events: Earth Day (Apr. 22nd) and Air Quality Awareness Week (Apr. 28th through May 2nd). I am also thinking about what my messages should be as it has to do with those two celebrations. They are both right around the corner and will be here before you know it.

As I sit here computer before me pondering what to write, I have absolutely no qualms in admitting I have given up the regular ritual of daily newspaper reading – you know, the kind of paper that, upon delivery, could be … well, just about anywhere, from amongst the shrubs in the flower bed partially or completely hidden from view and plunked down on the driveway to, with any luck, being propped against the front door – my preference instead being to read news stories of my choosing, picked from a multitude of available online sources.

When I think about it, I have to believe I’m helping the environment, even if in a small way only, by foregoing reading the traditional newspaper, you know, the one that has come to be known colloquially as “the paper.”

Broadly speaking, readers and subscribers of “the paper,” more than likely pay little, if any, mind regarding the ease with which a copy can be had, or about what all is involved in the production and distribution of such.

First, for those who are more inclined to want to know more, there is the paper stock procurement aspect and what that entails. Then there is the press run itself, followed by delivery of finished product to the consumer.

On the other hand, for that news which is available in electronic format via the Web, as to what is in print immediately above, well, steps on this order aren’t needed.

As it pertains to my situation, it wasn’t a conscious decision to get my news from online sources because I believed I was going to help the environment by following this course. The decision probably has more to do with the fact that I am more comfortable using my computer to peruse online news than with any other single factor. No doubt influencing that decision also is the wealth of different news sources available at one’s fingertips. And subordinate to that, I suppose, is with respect to accessing and viewing reader feedback. With newspapers of the hard-copy variety, if one is inclined to respond as in providing comment to, say, a particular item, consideration must be given to the separation in time between when comment is initiated and when such makes it into the public domain. Out in cyberspace, on the other hand, such is not typically an issue.

By no means am I suggesting to those satisfied in getting their news the old fashioned way to dump “the paper” and substitute in place of that the more newfangled way of accessing the news, that is, interactively online.

In getting back to the main talking point, the point of this whole discussion, in case you’re wondering, is the notion of environmental stewardship, believe it or not. Every improvement made in this regard helps.

So, with that and with sights set on Earth Day and Air Quality Awareness Week 2014, I indeed look forward to those with much anticipation.

Image above: NASA

– Alan Kandel

2 thoughts on “Air Awareness Week, Earth Day and more planet-helping ideas”

  1. I agree with air awareness week and I believe that it is a great cause. What it is, is that every day for that week you should try to do something good for the air, such as riding your bicycle or walking to places you usually would’ve driven to, or instead of using electric tools to clean up such as leaf blowers or vacuum cleaners, sweep instead. This is a good way to help the air.

    Another thing that you can do is to create an awareness of it by telling everyone you know about it and encouraging them to participate in Air Awareness Week with you. The more people that participate the more effective the result will be. Teaching children from a young age of not wasting electricity and only using lights when necessary is also a good thing to do as they will know from a young age that they mustn’t waste electricity.

    Although Air Awareness Week is (like the name suggests) only a week long, you don’t only have to do it for one week. You can participate whenever you feel like it. For instance you could eliminate the use of cars every Sunday, and wherever you need to go on a Sunday you can walk there or ride your bicycle there. Every little bit helps.
    Switching your geyser off during the day if no one is at home is also a good idea as it saves a lot of electricity. You can also switch other electricity-using-machines off, such as pool pumps and any appliances that aren’t currently being used (kettles, toasters, chargers etc.).

    Earth Day is another good initiative to participate in. It is on the 22nd of April, but once again you can help out any day you want to. Reducing the use of electrical appliances and planting trees help, even if they only help a little bit it still makes a difference. You can also make an awareness of Earth Day and encourage your family and friends to improve their electricity usage, as well as to be as environmentally friendly as possible!

    I think Earth awareness is a great activity to participate in!
    Michaela Fyfe 14019753

  2. Many people take our planet for granted and this is why we are depleting so many of our natural resources. I think that Earth Day and Air Awareness week are great ideas because it helps us realise that we need to conserve what we have now in order for future generations to benefit.

    Even if the changes we make are not the biggest, whatever we do to help our planet is highly appreciated but we don’t have to just do this for one week or day of the year, we need to sustain this trend all year round. It does not help to do this for one day and then the other 364 days destroy our earth.

    Remember we only have one earth and we should take care of it as much as we can. To wake up every morning to beautiful plants and animals are one of the things that make our world a beautiful place. People need to be educated on how to maintain this and these events are perfect ways to do it.

    Micaela Soobramoney 14092222


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