Air Quality Matters: 2013 in review – Part 2[1]In “Air Quality Matters: 2013 in review – Part 1,” covered was air pollution and why it’s so troubling. Also looked at was transportation – emissions-contribution- and cleanup-work-wise. Here, in Part 2, quick-reviewed are: commerce, energy, home, industry and infrastructure. Plus, presented are my favorite posts of 2013.


Best of show

This one goes to: “Efforts to lower air emissions from marine vessels in Canadian waters laudable.”

And last but by no means least, my favorite for content (subject matter) is: “CATS: Photocatalysis process helps render some toxic air contaminants harmless.” Ideas like the one depicted here have positive implications most definitely.

And for impact, my favorite this year is: “For ad purposes, the (fictitious) ‘S-Car’ rules!

The intent behind my writing this car-commercial (advertisement) parody, obvious or not is, like I said, for impact.

Yes, it is true the commentary is witty, but it’s also uplifting. By the same token, the spoof’s underlying message I feel is what matters most and, that is, that marketed should be approaches that encourage environmental protection, stewardship, and sustainability and physiological or biological well-being and, this entry, does that. Going much farther (there being more to this than what meets the eye), is the awareness-raising aspect this satire-of-sorts possesses in that there is potential to raise consciousness regarding application of what, by the way, is a very familiar concept that in the long run could quite possibly be for the common good.

Image above: NASA

– Alan Kandel