Electrifying, National Plug In Day is!

Who would have ever guessed there’d be a day (or days) of the year devoted – first nationally and now internationally – to bringing about greater awareness of plug-in electric motor vehicles or EVs? Certainly not I.

According to Plug In America, today and yesterday this year are both designated National Plug In Day. It is up to participating cities to decide which of the two days to dedicate to this occasion, apparently. This year marks the day’s third anniversary.

With over 90 U.S. cities participating, it is obvious domestic electric vehicle use has become more widespread. This year, countries like Amsterdam and Mexico are also taking part, as Plug In America pointed out in the press communication: “National Plug In Day: Free Electric Car Events in 90+ Cities Across U.S.”

“The goal of events from West Palm Beach to Seattle to Reno will be to give consumer information and test-drives to more EV newcomers than ever,” the nonprofit Plug In America group in the release in question added. “These gasoline-car drivers will be able to experience the quiet, clean thrill of plug-in vehicles first-hand while learning about their cost-savings, national security and clean-air benefits.”

Music to my ears. And more power to all taking part – electric power, especially!

National Plug In Day Activities to include test drives, charging-infrastructure demonstrations, tailgate parties and rallies, also according to information presented in the release.

“Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association are the national organizers teaming up with local groups across the country and abroad to organize events. National sponsors include the Nissan LEAF and Schneider EVlink,” Plug In America noted.

Being this is the first I’ve heard of National Plug In Day, word of the Day is spreading, which is definitely a good thing!

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– Alan Kandel