On the air, it’s ‘off to the races’

This could be the greatest invention since sliced bread and apple pie!

So, here’s what I’m thinking.

1911boardtrackracing[1]You know how auto races draw fans, right? What about motor sports events for the sustainability minded among us? Something on this order would be right up our alleys (pun intended). I can see it now – the thrills (the competition), the chills (the event vehicles and drivers keeping their cool), all minus the spills (no overfilling one’s electron-storage banks at these venues) and no damage to the air to boot!


A race for zero-emissions-vehicle fans – why not?! Just think of what would (or could) be: Super-aerodynamic vehicle designs (cars and motorcycles), qualifying heats and race-related pit activity and all else that goes with the sport. Honestly, what is there that isn’t to like?!

And what better time than right now to get a jump on this?!

Getting up to speed

There is no question humans have long had a fascination for speed. With these eco-friendly facsimiles, the way I envision them, that wouldn’t change.

So what velocities are we talking about here?

Looking back at the 1925 Indianapolis 500, completing the then race’s 500 grueling miles took Mr. Peter DePaolo – that year’s winner – 4 hours, 56 minutes, 39.4 seconds – that’s an average speed of 101.127 mph (162.748 km/h).

Quite honestly? In this day and age, I have every confidence that that speed would be bested – no problem, in this case, the “trackblazers” lapping off the miles with the best of ‘em. However, several pit stops would no doubt be required for battery bank and/or wheel change-outs.

Oh, and as for that noise element that enthusiasts have grown accustomed to on race day, if an absolute necessity, I’m sure the technological resourcefulness exists to create, at the very least, “synthesized” motor vehicle-like engine din.

You name it

The one thing missing at this stage? A suitable event name. I mean; one that is really fitting.

At present, all I’ve come up with is the “EFCAR 2100,” for: “Emissions-Free Challenge Auto Race for the 21st Century.” Okay, the name needs work. But, hey, it’s a start.

All of which reminds me, “Ladies and gentlemen: ‘Charge’ your engines!”

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