Eighth annual ‘National Dump the Pump Day’ on June 20th

Biodiesel-powered bus
Biodiesel-powered bus

On June 20th, the 8th annual National Dump the Pump Day in America will take place. The event is being sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association. Partnering with the APTA is the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Sierra Club.

This one day each year is an opportunity to leave the internal-combustion-engine-powered car parked and use public transportation in its place. A host of cities from coast to coast and border to border will hold special events in recognition of National Dump the Pump Day.

According to the APTA in the press release “Dump the Pump. Save Money. Ride Transit,” using public transportation can, on average, save households nearly $9,800 per year.

By parking the car and riding public transit instead, this can not only reduce one’s capital outlay for transportation, but also can give the air a breather. With less dependence on the automobile to meet mobility needs, there is the potential for fewer emissions to be pumped into the air.

“The first National Dump the Pump Day was started in June 2006 after gas prices had reached $3 per gallon.” …And thus the impetus, presumably.

How we choose to get around can make a difference not only in terms of household expenditures, but car use (for those owning and operating them), fuel needs and usage (affecting oil consumption), and with that the impact of emissions on the air.

“Public transit systems and other organizations across the country participate in National Dump the Pump Day,” the APTA notes. “Last year some public transportation systems offered free rides, held contests, provided giveaways as rewards for riders, and partnered with local Sierra Club chapters and businesses to spread the word.”

For additional details, see APTA’s press release: “Dump the Pump. Save Money. Ride Transit.”

Published by Alan Kandel