Air: It is what it is and what it isn’t is good

As I see it, the air mustn’t take any more of a pollution pounding. Nor should people’s lungs, hearts, bloodstreams, etc. suffer the harmful effects of toxic air. I mean, look, a 300 percent increase in just 10 years in the number of world deaths attributable to the effects of contaminated air? Seriously!

Absent a comprehensive commitment, quite honestly, I don’t see total success in solving the pernicious air pollution crisis. Air pollution is not just a nuisance; it’s a menace. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better way to describe it.

So, picture a comprehensive, focused, sustained effort advanced in cleaning up the air. This is what I believe it will take. And I’m not talking this type and degree of commitment from a few key interests. Rather, I am talking from stakeholders the world over; pretty much anyone and everyone who breathes air. Similar in scope, breadth and depth to that of the campaign to protect the environment present in 1970.

Where I am going with this discourse is recognizing that our air is damaged. But it isn’t enough to just be aware of the problem. Initiating comprehensive, corrective steps to right the air quality ship to me is not only the proper and prudent thing to do, following this protocol is really in the best interests of anyone and everyone who breathes air.

One must never forget that the air is in the state it is in is not of its own doing. It had, well, help, if you like, just as help – albeit a different kind of help – is needed to get it to a state of good repair.

– Alan Kandel