CATS: A solar array for every home? Why not?

Number six in the Clean Air Technologies Series.

Every winter in America, it seems someone loses power to the home. Now add to this that about half this nation’s electricity production alone is via the burning of coal. In putting two-and-two together doesn’t it make sense that when such extreme conditions become present, losing power to one’s home would probably happen less often if at all, if homes were outfitted with solar panel arrays? Honestly, it seems like a no-brainer.

What oftentimes rises to the occasion and comes to the rescue in extreme weather events when homes do lose power are generators, one function of which can be to supply electricity and restore power to homes that have lost such, provided, of course, the occupant(s) of the affected home in question owns one. That’s a big “if.”

But supplanting utility supplied electricity with that provided via a gas-powered generator, can only go so far and do so much. In order to power generators, though, gasoline must be available. Add to this reality, the negative environmental element associated with such use – air pollution.

Now granted power outages can and do leave homes (and businesses) in the dark (and cold or heat) at times, but having solar panel arrays at the ready augmenting utility supplied energy, not only does this make sense and is worth its weight in gold and then some, but these devices – which transform light into electrical energy – have zero negative environmental impact, that is, once installed and operational. What is more, they are not fossil-fuel-dependent and the potential is there for money to be saved over the long haul once said systems are paid for.

You know what?! I can’t think of a better win-win-win-win proposition. If there is a better way to power the home, business, etc., I’d like to hear about it.

– Alan Kandel