Transportation in transition: An ever-changing, ever-evolving frontier

I’m holding nothing back. I am in no way reserved in letting people know what my expectation is regarding the future of transportation.

The first order of business on the table is the notion that humans, first and foremost, are consumers.

Next in line is that as Earth’s inhabitants, humans procreate and therefore, we are reproducers. Since day one, the number of humans has increased, with population pretty much trending upward the entire time.

Thirdly, people are not static beings. There is this need to move about the planet, to travel, to explore. And travel and exploration aren’t limited to Earth’s surface only. Travel and exploration to both outer and inner space is part of the package too. Obviously there is some intangible inner force or urging that compels or motivates us to do this.

And finally, we are doers, achievers. We see a problem and resolve to find solutions. Throughout history, life has not only been perpetuated, but because humans are innovative and inventive, we find ways to improve the human existence, to make life better, in other words. Moreover, people adapt and adjust accordingly. In a word, it’s called progress.

Now, having said all of that, we know the place from whence we came, and we also know where we are, but unknown is what’s ahead.

Even so, this doesn’t inhibit our curiosity or prevent our moving forward, progressing.

Because this is the case, what I see on the horizon transportation-wise are transport or mode forms (notice I said “forms”) with tremendous reach, that take energy efficiency, safety, comfort, reliability, speed, and, oh, yes, affordability to new heights and represents the quintessence of travel and transport; all of this with zero environmental impact to boot.

Question is: Can it be done? I say, if there is a will, there’s a way. And with that said this is my expectation and vision for the future. One only need look as far as today in terms of what’s been accomplished thus far.

If the past is any indication, it’ll happen. Why? Because we’re progressive, non-static, forward-thinking, problem solvers that plainly and simply, get the job done right. As humans, it’s who we are. It’s our nature.

Both a cliché and truism all wrapped up into one; the sky really is the limit.

– Alan Kandel