CATS: In-the-cab, approach-lit light, lighting systems. Techniques that save bucks, energy, Earth

Number 36 in the Clean Air Technologies Series. Yesterday In “CATS: For environmental sustainability, security and even safety, solar ‘lights’ the way,” in the first few paragraphs, I described what I had observed on a part of the then return leg of what had at the time been a vacation taken to the California coastal … Read more

Fresno Bee op-ed calls for air cleanup/emissions reduction

On Sept. 21, 2016, The Fresno Bee Editorial Board printed an op-ed, the crux of the editorial having to do with work in California and the San Joaquin Valley centered on helping “economically disadvantaged communities” better deal with the effects of poor area air quality. This was indeed a big part of the story. Brought … Read more

More money to fight warming, polluted air in California issued

High atop a parking garage in downtown Fresno, California Governor Jerry Brown on Wed., Sept. 14, 2016 affixed his signature to several bills thereby enacting legislation that allocates monies to fight warming and polluted air in the state. In the governor’s presence and bearing witness to the bills’ signature signings that day were (in no … Read more

Southeasterners! Coming to a neighborhood near you: Higher-speed rail

Mainline passenger rail service in the American Southeast is on the move. A plan/proposal to increase passenger train speeds in Virginia to 90 miles per hour is afoot. A start, this most assuredly is. The plan involves upgrade of an existing 123 miles of active, double-track railroad line tying together the nation’s capital and Richmond, … Read more

Creating air quality success in California’s heartland: How hard can this be?!

This year marks 25 years of Amtrak California Capitol Corridor service in December. The Capitol Corridor train was a late-comer in the grand scheme of the nationalized Amtrak passenger rail program. And, the success story that CC service is more or less mirrors that of Amtrak itself. Each are remarkable stories in their own right … Read more

‘National Dump the Pump Day’: No better time to use transit, clean air

June 11, 2016 witnessed the rollout of the Minneapolis area’s newest of bus services: The A Line rapid bus. Metro Transit refers to this as arterial bus rapid transit (BRT) service. This project was five years in the making, its opening just before the ringing in of the 11th annual National Dump the Pump Day … Read more

For Fresno, it’s FAX, FAX and more FAX – 3

San Francisco has its beloved cable car. New Orleans its fabled streetcar. And, what has Fresno? FAX, for Fresno Area Express, is what. In the big raisin (among locals, the word-pair an innocuous, cheery substitute for the city’s name), big changes are a comin’. Not only are new high-speed railroad structures and tracks being built … Read more

On taking a ‘Q’: Rapid bus about to arrive in Fresno

Well, it’s finally going to happen: In a matter of weeks, construction is slated to begin on the first section (Phase 1 of the construction effort) of the coming Fresno bus rapid transit (BRT) system – being branded, incidentally, as the ‘Q’ – along Blackstone between Shaw and McKinley avenues. Why the ‘Q’? ‘Q’ has been chosen, … Read more

American high-speed rail building on a roll – 2

In “American high-speed rail building in full swing: An update,” it was explained what the progress on high-speed rail building is in the U.S. In this second section, detailed is how America got where it is today, high-speed rail advancement-wise; discusses some high, low and in-between points, and what it is about this transportation mode … Read more